Adobe After Effects Free: How to Download Without Paying

This is the legit way to download Adobe After Effects for free, for all your motion graphic and visual effect needs without a credit card.

The method uses Adobe Creative Cloud hosted with Microsoft Azure.

Gain access “through this link” and follow instructions if needed.

Update; Sign in to Creative Cloud is now required.

Adobe After Effects

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

This is an app where you can purchase licensing for Adobe software, either individually or for a complete suit of applications. The collection covers anything from video editing, photography, graphic design, etc.

It’s also used to download and install the pieces of software, and provides options to access a free trial for all of the supported applications.

How to download Adobe After Effects free?

Use the link above the takes you to the download page.

If you are not logged in to Creative Cloud, it will ask you to sign up or create an account. It’s totally free and easy with few questions asked.

At the top, you should see the download or try link for Adobe After Effects.

Click on the link to start the download.

Your browser should now asks where to place the installation file.

You can obtain a free trial download from Microsoft Azure servers by first downloading the Creative Cloud desktop application.

It’s as simple as downloading an installation file, running it on Windows or Mac. Then following the instructions for account creation and download.

The trial does vary between a month or 7-days. Depending on what promotion is running at the time. Once the free trial has ended, you need to pay at least £19.97/month for an individual license of Adobe After Effects CC.

If you opt-in for the complete suit of all the apps (which you can also trial for free), you’ll need to pay £49.94/month afterwords.

A word of advice:

There may be illegal free downloads available which I advise highly against, these are known to contain malicious code. So don’t risk it.

Adobe products connect online to verify licensing and you may also get caught for suspicious activity if connected to the internet.

Stay safe, enjoy the free trial and pay if you really like it!

Any questions at all are welcome in the comments section below.

Tim Santos from Timguide.

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  1. finally, had a hard time finding the download link but it’s still available. everything else was asking me credit card details for a trial period.

    • We don’t know if they’re going to patch up this “hole” in the future but seems to be working well for now. Although I think it’s deliberate so that would definitely be an indicator that they are going to proceed with this well into the future.

      Thanks for asking.


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