Free Brazzers Account Legit Method and How to Avoid Scams

This is a working method that I’ve successfully used for watching full length movies from the awesome and famous Brazzers productions.

How to watch latest full Brazzers movies free

Here’s how to obtain a free trial account from the official Brazzers website which is fully featured for watching any video.

  1. You need to “use this Brazzers promo registration page
  2. This will get you the best trial account, select that
  3. Fill in your details, email, password, etc.
  4. Fill in your details to pass age verification
  5. Enjoy watching all Brazzers movies in full
  6. To make the most out of your trial period, enable downloads and fill up your hard drive with as many videos as you can.

Age is verified with a dollar charge from your card, you can use your own as nothing connected to the adult scene will show up in the statement. Also, prepaid and virtual cards should work just fine.

Note! It’s really easy to cancel your account before you get charged any extra. Actually I recommend doing this straight away after getting your free account if you are not intended on continuing with it.

Rinse and repeat as needed if you want to watch new stuff.

Here’s a few more topics in my post;

  1. Is Brazzers worth it?
  2. Free Brazzers scams to watch out for
  3. Thoughts and benefits of this method

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Is Brazzers worth it?

When it comes to watching adult films, there’s a world of difference between paysites and free streaming sites, something that many forget after getting used to ad-filled sites or even many that have adware on them.

But it’s not just about ads. Instead, these free sites are actually used for manipulation, spreading shortened versions of movies and deliberately releasing older and selected material for promotion.

Once you get used to the ‘other side’ with;

  1. Watching full length movies
  2. Constant daily new releases
  3. Full HD quality and all the videos you could ever need

In my experience, it’s hard to go back. But luckily, there are ways to meet these needs for fresh content, free or nearly free.

Free Brazzers scams to watch out for

Because they are one of the most popular adult sites and biggest adult networks covering access to 34 niche websites. Obviously a lot of people are trying to get their hands on both free and paid accounts. Thus opening opportunities to scammers and non-legit business.

Actually, most of this is scam and Brazzers or the company behind them called ‘MindGeek’, is taking a hard stance on fake accounts and the like. They control most of the online adult industry and make sure that the stuff doesn’t leak beyond their official websites, unless they want to.

So you may be asking, what are these ‘lifetime accounts’, ‘working passwords’, and other ‘free access’ methods that seem to pop-up now and then when searching on Google and elsewhere on the web..?

In my experience mainly;

  1. Sites that try to get you to click on ads to other sites in hopes of getting commissions from sales.
  2. Sites that get you to fill out surveys or other tasks that supposedly reveal a working password, which will turn out fake.

I’ve actually read about this from someone working with Brazzers,[3] who said that they all well aware of account sharing and other fake accounts, and they do a good job at detecting and blocking them.

So even if you were to watch Brazzers for a limited time with a free account, more than likely it will stop working very soon.

And when that happens, you will be hoping that they didn’t record your actual IP address or other sensitive information.

The watching method I’ve used and outlined below is completely legit, so why even bother with these non-legit routes. Waste of time if you ask me.

Thoughts and benefits of the free method

Basically, if you don’t want to waste your time and ‘risk it’, the only choice is by going through this official route for the sexy stuff.

But considering how massive the site is, in my opinion we are pretty much spoiled with having this option to watch any of their videos. Including the latest ones, and even downloads without limitations whatsoever.

Up to the point that actually paying a months worth of membership is another option that many people will and do consider.

I mean, having the world’s hottest adult movie archive within your fingertips and saving up all the best videos to your hard drive. If you are really up to the task, a month might be better and more convenient than the limited trial.

Either way, you can do this free, nearly free or at a price that is well worth it if you ask me. That will all depend on your budget and needs.

Bye, I’ll go and watch Brazzers now. Thanks!

Tim Santos

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