Free ManyVids Profiles and Other Tips & Tricks Reviewed

You can try the crush club method to access paid videos and profile for free on a limited trial period, here’s how that works.

Also, you can access ManyVids videos for free “with this link“.

Here are the topics for this post;

  1. How to access someone’s ManyVids videos for free?
  2. What’s ManyVids? Is it worth it?
  3. How to avoid free access scams and stay legit?

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How to access someone’s ManyVids videos for free?

This method takes advantage of trial periods that stars seldomly offer to MV Members in public. I suggest trying it if you can’t pay full price.

Just follow these steps;

Step 1. First create your free account “with this link
Step 2. Fill out basic member details as usual
Step 3. Verify your account by email
Step 4. Go to the profile page of the MV star
Step 5. Click on the blue follow button
Step 6. Go to the ‘about’ section of the profile
Step 7. Go to profile’s website or social media page
Step 8. Send a message saying your a fan (with your ManyVids profile name included) and you’d like a MV Crush Club trial.
Step 9. Keep your fingers crossed.

As mentioned, not many profiles are giving these trials out in public. But not too many seem to be asking for them, thus bettering your chances. They will likely charge you something though but the rate is reduced and includes a whole month of access to all the video content. And it’s completely legit.

Don’t waste your time on scams, better spend time crafting a polite but straight forward message asking for a trial (just not too long).

This has worked better for OnlyFans but works for ManyVids too.

What’s ManyVids? Is it worth it?

ManyVids is currently one of the most popular seller/buyer portals for adult content from videos to live streaming (founded 2014 in Montreal, Quebec). And they’re getting more than 110,000 unique hits every day.1

While users may be active on various sites, I prefer ManyVids as it takes lower commission from content creators, not just lowering pricing but also more of my spent dollars go directly to the MV stars. Plus, the site is safer, allowing stars to retain full copyright of their own work.2

  1. Lower pricing
  2. More profits to content creators
  3. More rights for content creators

So if the model you are after is on ManyVids, it’s likely worth it.

How to avoid free access scams and stay legit?

You can easily find sites that claim free accounts and access to video content or even the live streams that are most probably just scam.

Obviously there site is heavily guarded, so obviously no third party is able to create an account for you that gives you miraculous access.

I have went through a bunch of them though, even the account generators which usually try to get users to fill out surveys for profit or, some of them simply take you to other commercial sites for yes, profit.

None have worked.. Best of luck!

Peace out,
Tim Santos from Timguide.

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