Grammarly Premium Free: The Only Legit Method That Really Works

There’s so many scammy “Get Grammarly Premium Free” posts, YouTube videos, etc. Some which will have you fill out fake surveys or just waste your time.

So I have decided to write step-by-step, easy to follow instructions with screen shots included on the only real working method that exists in 2020.

Real Free Premium

First please understand what’s possible and what’s not real;

  1. Lifetime free premium accounts are all fake.
  2. You can get up to about 6 months free usage for real.
  3. Free trials of premium do not exist any longer.

Also, note that anyone selling you Grammarly Premium for cheaper is scam.

Now that we got that cleared up we can continue with the Timguide, all you need is to go through and follow all the steps and it should work just fine.

At least, it has worked wonders for me.

Step 1. Sign up for a free, promotional Grammarly Account.

You can use “this link” to do so.

Please, note that this is not an instant one-click solution, so you’ll need to hang in there until the end of the instructions. Okay!

Step 2. Click on the link that says “log in”.

Step 3. Click on where it says; “Don’t have an account?”.

Step 4. Fill in your e-mail address, password and some name.

Step 5. Click the tick box next to where it says something like; “Send me product updates, premium offers, and weekly progress reports”.

Please note that it’s crucially important to click on that box before you hit the sign up button, otherwise this free premium method is not going to work.

Step 6. Click on the green “sign up” button.

Step 7. Continue to customize Grammarly.

Everything will still look like normal so just set up your account normally.

Step 8. Finally, do NOT upgrade to Grammarly Premium.

Just click on the green button that says; “Continue to Grammarly, it’s free”.

Step 9. Proceed to “My Grammaly”.

You are going to find yourself from the freemium version of the online Grammarly editor, where you can demo the limited features of the software. Without the premium advanced features.

Click on the menu icon at the top left and proceed to My Grammarly.

Step 10. Download Grammarly on the software or device of your choice.

This is needed for you to active Grammarly. Thus you look like someone interested in the premium version of their software. Personally I installed their free Firefox Add-on.

There’s also the extensions for Chrome, Opera and Edge.

As well as the Grammarly Keyboard that work son iPhone & Android devices.

Step 11. Go through the steps for activation.

Step 12. Use the free version of Grammarly for an unspecified amount of time, and later check your email inbox for the promo email.

It may take anywhere from 24hours to a few days.

Since you opted in for their promotional emails in the steps above, after you have activated Grammarly it’s only a matter of time that they send an email saying that you can get 50% off the premium subscription (the offer will vary but it’s usually around half the price). And by taking use of this offer, you can sign up for a year’s worth of Grammarly Premium with 6 months free — easy!

As far as I understood, this has worked for years already and it’s just foolish to pay full price. And works every time, likely for many many years to come.

Scams involving free Grammarly Premium accounts

There was a recent good post that covered some of the scams that try to exploit people who are looking for access to the premium version of software without paying.

Here’s a list of them based on that post:

  1. Grammarly Generator and other such software that compromise your system.
  2. Surveys and complete task sites that supposedly unlock free accounts when they are just profitting from false claims.
  3. Shared accounts are being sold on various sites, which if work at all get blocked easily for abuse as account use limitations are in place.
  4. Also login and password account lists are total scam.
  5. Other sites that have you click on promotional links/ads.

So stay safe and avoid these scammy promises which don’t work anyway.

Any questions, I’m most happy to answer them!

If you benefitted from the Timguide, please share this post with others who may be interested in Grammarly Premium. And thanks for reading!

Tim Santos

19 thoughts on “Grammarly Premium Free: The Only Legit Method That Really Works”

  1. Lot of scam out there for sure, did this and got my promo email in a couple of days, it would be just crazy to pay full price! Cheers.

    • Yes for sure it does for ‘Grammarly Premium’. I’ve signed up with a dummy account and I get a similar free offer frequently to my inbox.

      And just a thanks to you Don!

    • As mentioned, it’s a promotion for those who are willing to wait a little after sign up. One that has been actively used by Grammarly since 2019.

      And still does to this date.

      There have been other methods before but nothing else works anymore.


    • Downloaded a so called free “account generator” that was suppose to generate premium logins and passwords.. but guess what! it got my whole Windows messed up! Luckily managed to solved it with an anti-virus/malware soft but please stay away from this scam.

  2. Just a thumb up, a friend of mine recently did this and got half a year free/50% easily. How fast this works just depends on timing/luck.


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