How to watch NBA games online for free

There are various free NBA game streams online, ranging from decent to dodgy, some trying to make a buck on the side with ads.

If you have time to look around and don’t mind the poor video quality, limited availability, etc. searching should yield results.

Better ways to watch NBA games free?

Also getting a league package from NBA is surprisingly affordable, or even better — “at this page on”, watch single games without one!

This is the only way I know to get high quality with smooth video streaming for no annoying interruptions, or disturbances.

Basically your options are either to;

  1. Watch any NBA game of your choice, either on-demand or live.
  2. Get a monthly or annual league pass for best value.
  3. Search online for free game streams as availability varies.

With the NBA league pass you are getting;

  1. Access to 24h/7 live NBA TV.
  2. On-demand access to all past games.
  3. Live watching of any game on mobiles, tablets, PCs, etc.
  4. Fast high quality video streaming without ads.

Personally, I usually sign up for a 1 month league pass subscription at a time when I know I have time to catch all the games I want.1

And other times, I just search on Google, check for streamers on Reddit, and other sites and just deal with the quality and ad pop-ups.2

Myself, I don’t care too much about the NBA TV but having access to all the games (1,200+ I believe) has been worth it.

Or try and find free streams by searching for “NBA streams” and the game.3

Peace out,
Tim Santos from Timguide.

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