Is a paid VPN more secure than a free VPN?

A paid VPN in most cases is more secure than a free VPN. But paid is not a guarantee of a good level of security. There are only a handful of VPNs that can be consider highly secure.

Free VPN has two major downsides:

  1. Providing real security takes hard work and dedication – which is unlikely to be available with free providers.
  2. Motives of providing free service is questionable – some providers are known to sell user data and bandwidth of their users for profit.

Also the problem applies to many low-cost VPN providers, such as PureVPN which was mentioned below. Stating “no logs” has become the norm of the industry and proves nothing. This company and many, many others will assist with and give out user information to authorities on request.

In conclusion: Not only are free VPNs less secure, but also mostly it’s just the high-end VPNs that provide a security dedicated service which actively fights to protect your privacy and has increased security, and anonymity measures in place.

For example, IVPN has increased security with multihop technology.

Written by: Tim Santos

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