My Working Tips on How to Access OnlyFans Profiles for Free

If you want to get raw, uncensored access to profiles for free, here’s a legit method I discovered that works surprisingly well.

Scroll down for these topics in my post;

  1. What is OnlyFans?
  2. What are free accounts and the OnlyFans hack?
  3. How to access OnlyFans profiles for free? (working method)
  4. My favorite OnlyFans profiles

How to access OnlyFans profiles for free? (working method)

These steps will not work 100% of the time, however I was amazed how often it does. And it’s a legit method, quick as well as worth a try!

These are the steps for free access:

  1. First, use the “free OnlyFans sign up link
  2. Create your account according to instructions and verify your email address, possibly mobile number too
  3. Go to the OnlyFans profile that you want to access
  4. Click the “show more info” link
  5. Click to the homepage of the person or search for it
  6. Send a private message by online contact form (best) or alternative methods such as social media, etc.
  7. Say that you are a fan (leave a small compliment), and kindly ask the person for a free OnlyFans trial.
  8. Leave your OnlyFans account name/email and make sure your message is short/straight to the point for best success.
  9. Wait for a free trial message to your inbox.

For me, worked great for some of the profiles. Not all of course.

Remember, you want the reader to understand your intent within the first or second sentence, too long messages won’t work in my experience.

What is OnlyFans?

The website at is considered a social media service for adults, where members subscribe to exclusive, mostly adult content.

By becoming a “fan”, you can follow their picture and video releases for a monthly subscription fee set by content creators themselves.

Launched 2016, it’s currently one of the most popular such sites with over 6 million users and 50,000 active content creators.1

What are free accounts and the OnlyFans hack?

Because the site is so popular there are also scams to watch out for, involving those who want to access the exclusive content for free.

Namely the ‘OnlyFans hack’ where sites claim to generate so called free accounts that enable free access to paid picture and video material.

I’ve gone through enough of them to conclude that no such free accounts exist, and that most of them try to only get you to;

  1. Fill out surveys or do other monetized tasks
  2. Click on ads for commercial benefit

None actually provide any real free accounts or anything of the sort. So in my opinion any such hacks are a waste of time, or worse, money.

My favorite OnlyFans profiles

Here are some of the member profiles that I have been or am a fan of. Personally I use both the free method and paid routes.

Best girl models:

  • Lissa Aires (Miami) — 259.9K likes
  • Aundreana Rene (Los Angeles) — 294.9K likes
  • Destiny Skye (Las Vegas) — 323.9K likes
  • Ms Fernandes (Washington, D.C.) — 366.4K likes
  • Slim Exotica (Orlando) — 273.1K likes
  • Paige Jordae (Los Angeles) — 79.0K likes
  • Nina Kayy (Florida) — 83.3K likes
  • Ms Palomares (New York City) — 106.2K likes
  • Yasmin Estrada (Los Angeles) — 13.7K likes
  • Pumma Santiago (Houston Texas) — 43.4K likes
  • Asa Akira (Los Angeles) — 37.9K likes
  • Phfame (Houston) — 21.9K likes
  • Aletta Ocean (Budapest) — 94.4K likes
  • Raychiel (Atlanta) — 141.1K likes
  • Kindly Myers (Nashville, Tennessee) — 48.2K likes
  • Rissa2cute (Florida) — 39.3K likes
  • Jojo Babie (Los Angeles) — 23.6K likes
  • Fit Sid — 78.4K likes
  • CJ Miles — 59.6K likes
  • Fit Sid (Fitsid) — 78.4K likes
  • Rosa Acosta — 11.3K likes

Lesser known gems:

  • Pretty Keezy (DMV) — 2.2K likes
  • Candace Von (New York) — 4.1K likes
  • Yum the Boss (New York) — 2.5K likes
  • Tokyo (California) — 1.0K likes

Best gay stuff I follow:

  • Alex Grant (Maryland) — 213.2K likes
  • Bryan Silva (US) — 20.9K likes
  • Deven Hubbard — 28.1K likes
  • Austin Wolf (New York) — 64.2K likes
  • Nick Swafford — 12.4K likes

My new findings:

  • Brookey Charlotte (UK)
  • Kindly Myers (Nashville, Tennessee)
  • Bryan Silva (US)
  • Deven Hubbard (US)
  • Rissa2cute (Florida)
  • Fit Sid (US)
  • Austin Wolf (New York)
  • CJ Miles (Nyc, Dubai, Thailand)
  • Alex Grant (Maryland)
  • Nick Swafford (US)
  • Rosa Acosta (Los Angeles)
  • Katt Leya (US)
  • Therealchelasway (Chelas Way) (US)
  • Pablo Hernandez (Miami)
  • WoeAlexandra (Orlando)
  • Matthew Camp (US)
  • MissKirRoyal (Los Angeles)
  • Lissa Aires (Miami)
  • Bethany Lily (London)
  • Anastasia Mut (London, UK)
  • Lux (Luxiboo) (US)
  • Jasmine Jae (UK)

Really a lot of great stories have come from OnlyFans, such as Leeds based James Cullen who posts on the site to boost his self-confidence.2

Free or not, let’s enjoy the site and respect the content creators.

Shall we, lads and women! 🙂

Peace out,
Tim Santos from Timguide.

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