Netflix Support: 7-Day Access to Problem Solving Experts

In this post I wanted to share my experience with JA and their Netflix expert support team that has been able to help me much better than the official customer care.

The scope of Netflix support is very limited and even then I have mostly been pointed at ready-written articles at their so called help center.

This way I’ve even gotten my Smart TV fixed.

You can contact them with a 7-day trial by “using this link“.

Netflix Support

Be it Netflix account issues or something’s wrong with your Game console, set-top box, blu-ray player, smartphone, tablet, PC, laptop, Mac device or streaming media player.. in my experience these guys are worth a try.

More often than not, Netflix seems to put their users into various categories in order to “optimize” their customer care funnel. This all is of course at the cost of missing out on individual issues that people like myself need help with.

Not everyone is tech-savvy enough to just read a couple of help center articles to figure out everything, for many things you need someone to guide you through the stuff.

And the reply “please, check with your TV manufacturer” isn’t exactly helpful either.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Netflix and when their support works, it’s great. But in times when it doesn’t, I don’t feel I am getting good enough service for my investment.

But having JA, I am have been able to keep my hair color as to date.

Google Netflix not Working

Obviously a lot of folks are having problems with various issues with watching Netflix or related to their account such as login and password stuff.

I have a search on Google to see what people need help with.

  1. How can I login if I forgot my password and can’t access email/phone?
  2. Why is Netflix not working on my Samsung Smart TV?
  3. I think someone is using my account without permission what can I do?
  4. Why won’t Netflix open on my Apple TV 4K?
  5. How can I setup Netflix through T-Mobile?
  6. What should I do if I think someone hacked or compromised my account?
  7. Where can I find the settings for my iPhone and iPad?
  8. Why isn’t my VPN connection working with Netflix?
  9. How can I email Netflix or contact them other than by phone?
  10. Where can I find better Netflix support without paying for it?
  11. Why has my favorite show been taken off Netflix?
  12. Where can I find assistance with using Netflix without being forwarded to useless Help Center articles that I don’t understand?
  13. How do I reset or recover my Netflix account?

And that’s just a few examples of questions that seem commonly asked.

TV Repair Expert

Here’s a screenshot from JA, where you get a live chat box from not only someone who is knowledgable about Netflix but someone who is a real TV technician.

So really, you have 7-days to ask pretty much any question you want.

I believe this service would be especially those who are just beginners and starting off with Netflix services. Or to non-tech-savvy people like myself.

Any questions about Netflix is most welcome!

Just note that I am not an expert myself, although experienced.

Regards & thanks for reading,
Tim Santos.

8 thoughts on “Netflix Support: 7-Day Access to Problem Solving Experts”

    • Yes. Few pointers:

      They were founded in 2003.
      They’ve been BBB accredited since 2006.
      They have an 8-step Netflix expert verification process to ensure quality support.
      They have become an extremely successful and known global brand, with service in many languages.
      They’ve got tens of millions of customers.

      So basically, it would be hard to scam anyone at this scale.

      Thanks for asking 🙂

  1. I am Sri Lanka separate My name is Prasad 2021/05/21 My netflx service has been charged from my dialog phone bill but I have not availed this service.I do not even have an account to opt out of this service.Please if this service is active Please provide me with an email address and password to remove and I will also notify Dialog axiata in writing. My netflx billing phone number (+949293584)

  2. After i updated my netflix account on my xiaomi poco f1, It say try again later, I didn’t even do anything, you got any options or links?

  3. we are an ISP in jordan , our customers can’t access the contents that should be available in our country for some reason since 11th august.

    i think the problem is some kind of blocking our subnets since all other jordanian ISP’s are working fine .

    am looking for any contact from netflix team to know the reason for blocking and fix it.

    tried the chat and their response was that they are facing a problem and the analyst team are investigating but no contact or any feedback when it will be solved or if there is anyway we can fix it from our side.


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