The Free Express VPN Promo Method

Here’s the free Express VPN method and what free VPN alternatives exist that you can actually rely on in both safety and performance.

Even though there is no way to get a lifetime free Express VPN account, you can get a free trial which is worth it considering the high quality.

If looking for a real free VPN that’s safe and fast (99% of free VPNs are not), I recommend VPNhub, “see this link for free promo“.

Here’s how to get a trial Express VPN account;

  1. First, use “this promo link” to access Express VPN.
  2. Scroll to the bottom end and click on the “features” link.
  3. Again, scroll down on that page until close to the bottom, and click on the link that says; “risk-free VPN trial”.
  4. Follow the instructions to get ExpressVPN.

What Makes Express VPN so Good?

Just wanted to clarify why it’s one of the most popular VPNs out there. As well as the reason you’ll have to pay for it in the long run.

  1. One of the highest capacity server networks in the industry, with high speeds to 94 countries and 160 cities worldwide.
  2. Advanced connection client with zero-knowledge DNS, network lock, 256-bit keys and the only provider with split tunneling.
  3. All servers use close to 100% secure TrustedServer technology, by running on system memory thus not leaving any traces.
  4. Company based in British Virgin Islands for secure data legislation.
  5. Very highly reviewed and rated VPN.

So those who want value for their money and a VPN that’s easy to use and supports all devices, ExpressVPN is considered a no-brainer.

Free Alternatives to Express VPN;

I cannot stress enough that you should be very wary of any free VPN providers, which have been from time to time proven to be insecure.

Thinking that you are secure while having your DNA leaked and data sold or worse, has the opposite effect. Making you even less secure.

You can try “free VPNhub at this link” which does have it’s limits. However, contrary to ExpressVPN you can use it for a week on your desktop computer without paying anything in front. And the mobile app after registration is free for ever.

And you can be sure it won’t slow down your internet connection.

About Express VPN;

The service was launched in 2009, and had a focus on high speeds and a vast worldwide server network from the very beginning. It’s security features have developed since at a steady pace, now being considered one of the most secure orientated and highly featured providers. Now with free trial access being possible.

They’ve also been named Editors’ Choice by publications such as Comparitech, TechRadar and they’ve been highly reviewed by sites like TorrentFreak.

Available Worldwide Servers;

Currently they have 160 servers around the world (in total of 94 countries) all accounts, free or not provide unlimited access to all of them.

Europe — Georgia, Monaco, Moldova, Netherlands, Andorra, Estonia, Isle of Man, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Switzerland, Turkey, North Macedonia, Jersey, Ireland, Latvia, Malta, Azerbaijan, Italy, Greece, Belarus, Norway, Hungary, Iceland, Denmark, Germany, Lithuania, Belgium, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Austria, Bulgaria, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Montenegro, Czech Republic, Romania, Sweden, Albania, France, United Kingdom, Poland, Armenia, Finland, Luxembourg, Cyprus, Ukraine, Portugal, Serbia.

South & North America –Bahamas, United States, Costa Rica, Uruguay, Mexico, Panama, Guatemala, Peru, Venezuela, Colombia, Ecuador, Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Canada.

Asia Pacific — Bhutan, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Thailand, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Macau, Hong Kong, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Australia, Myanmar, Japan, Mongolia, Laos, Pakistan, New Zealand, Brunei Darussalam, Philippines, Nepal, Kyrgyzstan, Singapore, India, Taiwan, Indonesia, South Korea.

Africa & Middle East — Israel, Algeria, South Africa, Kenya, Egypt.

Peace out,
Tim Santos from Timguide.

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